0 bytes free on Windows Share when setting quota

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0 bytes free on Windows Share when setting quota

Postby ptitoliv » Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:11 pm


I have a synology DS409 running the DSM 3.2 and I have a strange issue when I try to configure Quota system with Windows Shares.

When I set any Quota value on the volume for a specific user, the quota is correctly applied but when i refresh my Windows 7 client, I can see that I have no free space available on the share.

If I remove the quota on the DSM, the free space is available again on the Windows client.

I searched in the documentation and on Google, but I didn't find any data about such issue.

Do you think it's a bug or is there something specific to do in order to apply the quota for Windows client ?

Thanks for your answers

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I'm New!
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