Support for more 1-click-webhosts premium accounts in DS

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Support for more 1-click-webhosts premium accounts in DS

Postby XerxesDK » Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:56 pm

We have RapidShare- and Megaupload premium download options in the DS (Download Station). (thank you for this BTW). But we badly need more hosts supported.

The Download station needs to keep up with the development and trends regarding the 1-click-webhosts = our product gets more potential.
RapidShare seems to be abanded by big uploaders (i.e. it's getting useless).
Megaupload is slow to upload to, hence many uploaders don't use Megaupload (Only smaller files to be found etc.)
Just read forums etc. around the net recently to get convinced, many uploaders abandon espeicially Radpidshare these days, as points is gone and Rapidshare have redesigned their business-model. People are angry about Rapidshare as ever before and start using other 1-click-webhosts. We need the Synology product to keep up with this development.

Product improvement suggestion:
Premium account support for
- And I guess some more if requested from other users. (these are just those I use and cover the largest 1-click-webhosts I guess).

For now, I use my PC to download from, and that's plain stupid as my 1010+ just sits there doing nothing of the work. Me and my wallet (electric bill) could enjoy my Synology so much more... :wink:
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