DS212+ with latest DSM won't Wake on Lan WOL

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DS212+ with latest DSM won't Wake on Lan WOL

Postby rsm2000e » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:23 pm

Ok- I had my original DS212+ RMA'ed because it would go dormant (orange light blinking) and refuse to be awakened by Synology manager. My replacement unit exhibits weird behavior - it goes completely turned off (no lights lit) and REFUSES to Wake On Lan. The WAKE ON LAN in Synology Assistant is greyed out? Even though I 'set up' Wake on lan from within Synology Assistant??

What is UP with this NAS?? I am not a fan of hardware that doesn't fly right, especially when it is a critical part of my backup schema.

If someone could please help point me at a 'fix' so this will WOL, I'd be thrilled and grateful. My old unit DID wake on lan using Synology Assistant, so I think this is 'fixable'...

Thanks to all...
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