Windows 7 msg: specified network name is no longer available

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Windows 7 msg: specified network name is no longer available

Postby vicne » Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:34 pm

Hi, all,

I am rather happy with my DS109, but I am facing problems from my Sony netbook when mapping the Synology's shares. They map OK, but when I try to access them, I am getting a "The specified network name is no longer available" error message after a timeout.
This is very similar to the one described in this post.
It seems to be due to a combination of Windows 7 + some Wi-Fi network interfaces + samba shares.
(As stated on the Windows forum, other PCs connect OK, and no problem either if I connect the netbook via a wired connection).

Ever encountered this behaviour ? Any hint ?

Best regards,

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