DiskStation 2 + torrent upload??

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DiskStation 2 + torrent upload??

Postby timort » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:43 am

I have read many diffrent topics but can´t find a awnser to my question.

Can I, in new diskstation do the following:
1) continue upload a torrent after it´s done downloading?
2) can I continue uploading a completed torrent after I deleted the torrent-file?
3) can I choose diffrent Max upload/download speeds on each torrent?
4) can I set diffrent priorities?
5) can I sort my torrent after diffrent categoriet? (Taggs)
6) can I create a torrent on my computer, move the files to the NAS and then start seeding my new torrent directly?
7) can I select diffrent files in a torrent to download, set diffrent priorities on them do download and skip some files??

I use utorrent today and want the same functions on my future (?) NAS.
If this functions does not exist - will u upgrade the firmware so that they do? When will this happend?

// tim

- EDIT -
Isn´t there anyone that can answer my questions? Or tell my witch person that can??
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I'm New!
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Re: DiskStation 2 + torrent upload??

Postby LITWINCZUK » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:22 pm

- just set in Settings (Auto Stop Task)
Share ratio equal to or more than (%):
Time of seeding equal to or more than:


Ad.6) can I create a torrent on my computer, move the files to the NAS and then start seeding my new torrent directly?
No and Yes.
- create torrent on PC. Don't start seeding.
- load torrent into DL station and start DL. (it's always be 0.00% - nobody seeding!)
- stop DL (we must manually replace files)
- copy files from PC into correct directory on NAS. (if you start and stop this torrent, on my DS108j i find it on the /volume1/@download/ - last created directory - replace with files copied from PC - see filename (check uppercase/lowercase))
- start DL - system will check download progress and:
- if you don't limit upload (Ad.1) - system will continue share to others
- if you limit upload (Ad.1) - move files to destination download directory and stop
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